Horizon Space Technologies Ltd. is a new British commercial space company


Vision : To Colonise our Solar System

Mission : Make space access as low cost as possible

How are we DIFFERENT?

Colonisation of our solar system

Humanity must expand into our solar system if we are to prosper as a species.

Our industry pollutes our planet, our constant demand for fossil fuels creates global conflicts and even more pollution, our large population presents dangers of world-wide epidemics and shortages of resources and all of these things represent danger to humanity’s long-term survival.

But in space we have resources aplenty. Our Sun produces vast quantities of clean, renewable energy that only requires us to reach-out and grasp. The moon, the asteroids and our other worlds offer more mineral wealth than has ever been extracted out of the Earth. We only need to go and make use of it. And space itself provides a new environment that offers so many new possibilities.

We stand on the verge of a renaissance in space activity, with commercial companies leading the way.

Mission : Make space access as low cost as possible

Horizon’s goal is to develop a new low-cost commercial space launch vehicle called Black Arrow 2.

This vehicle is designed to support small satellite missions for both the UK and European markets.

This vehicle will be the first of a new range of products designed to make space access affordable for us all.

How are we different?

Horizon’s priority is to reduce the cost of accessing space.

In order to do this, we are the only company taking a fundamentally different approach to viewing the space launch business.

At its heart, space access is a transportation industry in the same way as airlines, shipping and trains. The way those industries all reduce their costs is by minimising the need for unnecessary expensive technologies, increasing capacity, spreading costs across many more customers, and applying economies of scale to the entire business. Nobody else in the space industry has ever attempted to apply any of these very basic techniques in order to reduce costs.

It requires a shift in perspective and this has enabled Horizon to identify the lowest possible cost architecture to dependably meet the needs of our clients. The result is that our products have a dramatically lower price than our competitors.


For the last year we have been building a new team of skilled managers, engineers, analysts, technicians and others who have the background in advanced rocket engineering.

This team has the expertise to develop all of the critical systems that we need for Black Arrow 2, but we are always on the look-out for more talented individuals to join us.

If you think you have what it takes see our Careers page.